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By Miles, September 8, 2013 0 Features, Xbox 360

The summer holiday is an amazing time, where children, students and teachers everywhere get at least a month off (or three months, if you’re at university like me). Everyone is able to to just drop everything, to having to worry… Read More »

By Zak, August 26, 2013 0 News, Xbox 360

Looks like Microsoft are giving their employees who have worked on the upcoming Xbox One a fancy white limited edition Xbox One and all first party games for free as well as a years free gold membership. This employee gift… Read More »

By Christian, August 11, 2013 0 News, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Much to the surprise of the gaming world, Deep Silver announced a ‘mega premium’ edition of their as yet unreleased Saints Row 4- titled ‘The Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition’ or ‘The Million Dollar Pack’. Set to come on sale… Read More »

By Christian, August 11, 2013 0 Mobile, News, Tech

Reports indicate that Amazon, one of the worlds largest and most ubiquitous online retailers, is building an Android Based Games Console. Though it is not 100% clear whether they are set to follow the business models of either Ouya or… Read More »

By Christian, July 11, 2013 0 Features, PlayStation 3, Previews, Trailers, Xbox 360

At long last, Rockstar have released a non-cryptic overview of one of the year’s most anticipated games; Grand Theft Auto 5. The ‘trailer’ gives us a walk around the rethought GTA world, and game narrative. While the concept does not… Read More »

By Phil, July 3, 2013 0 Latest, News, PC, Xbox 360

According to a report from IGN  new DLC for Bioshock Infinite will be announced later this month. The Season Pass bundle has already told us that there will be at least three extra DLC packs for the hit shooter and… Read More »

By Phil, June 20, 2013 0 Latest, News, Xbox One

Microsoft have responded to widespread criticism from the community over their pre-owned game plans and always online policy by completely scrapping the features. The two proposed ideas caused widespread anger among the community and caused many gamers to threaten go… Read More »

By Phil, June 17, 2013 0 Latest, News, PlayStation 3

The Last of Us, Naughty Dog’s astounding new title has leaped to the top of the UK all-formats chart pushing its way past LA Noire, the previous holder of the title, as the biggest new gaming franchise in two years…. Read More »

By Zak, June 16, 2013 0 News, Xbox One

Since the reveal of the Xbox One back in May, many people have been criticising its ‘mostly-on’ requirement. Although despite its disadvantages, the online requirement allows the Xbox One to have, what is possibly, one of coolest features of either… Read More »

By Zak, June 12, 2013 0

There aren’t many games nowadays that you can say that you’ll be playing everyday for the next couple of years… Read More »